Eddie Kingston Speaks About Speaking to CM Punk in the Ring

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Eddie Kingston Speaks About Speaking to CM Punk in the Ring

Eddie Kingston is a prominent AEW wrestler and he spoke about the promo that he cut with CM Punk in the ring. Eddie Kingston was all set to fight CM Punk at AEW Full Gear. Last week on Rampage CM Punk and Eddie met each other in the ring to cut a promo.

The promo was one of Eddie’s most furious to date. Both wrestlers got physical after the promo ended. In the New York Post, Eddie stated that what he said during the promo was actually true.

Eddie Kingston Says That What He Said To CM Punk During His Promo Was True

“We had no relationship to be honest with you,” Kingston said about himself and Punk.

“What I said on Rampage was basically all true. He judged me while the other ones still tried to keep helping me. He judged me and gave up on me basically”. Eddie stated that he still resents CM Punk and he has to really work hard to stop himself from injuring CM Punk.

“I wanted to rip his throat out and I still do” Kingston admitted. “This hasn’t changed. There has been a lot of resentment for a lot of years. I kept my mouth shut because when he came to AEW he’s a big star.

He’s the big money guy. You don’t want to hurt the guy who’s making the most money there. I don’t want to make Tony (Khan) mad by breaking Punk’s leg or arm or face. Now that I have the opportunity to, it’s their fault — not mine”.

Eddie also stated that his goal in AEW is not to beat CM Punk. He just wants one match against him, that’s all. “It’s gonna be one match,” Kingston said. “I’m gonna beat him up really good and he’s not gonna wanna … people think it’s a joke or I’m playing.

No, I’m gonna beat him up and he’s gonna go to the back. He’s gonna tell Tony Khan, he’s gonna tell everyone I don’t want to step in the ring with Eddie ever again. And I’m fine with that”.

CM Punk is one of the most popular professional wrestlers in the world right now. His match with Eddie Kingston was the most high profile match of his ever since he joined AEW.