Rey Fenix gets heat for his too hard style

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Rey Fenix gets heat for his too hard style

Very often, in the rings of the largest pro-wrestling companies in the world, several athletes receive heat against them, due to the slightly stiff style they bring to the stage. The so-called "stiff" style is that very hard and impetuous way of fighting, typical of several WWE wrestlers, such as Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg, with such athletes who do not care much about the strength with which they throw a blow towards the opponent and thus end up hitting him harder than expected.

We remember how pro-wrestling is an art of sports entertainment and therefore all the blows thrown by wrestlers are used to build a storyline and therefore tell a story and not to harm one's opponent physically. Apparently, the last only in order of time to have been accused of having a style too stiff and careless of his opponent was none other than Rey Fenix, current champion of the couple together with Pentagon of All Elite Wrestling.

In their last Full Gear match, against the FTR, the former WWE Revival, there seems to have been some heat against Fenix, after landing a few well-done hits to his opponents.

Rey Fenix receives heat

According to what was revealed by the well-known overseas podcast of the Fightful Select, Rey Fenix would have had some problems in the backstage of Full Gear after the match titled of the ppv, with the journalists of the well-known podcast who in fact reported in their latest update: "Rey Fenix has become famous for his stiff style of him in the past and some talents on the roster have caused him some problems after he did not go to check on Harwood after the match.

We were told, however, that he is not considered a major heat, but several talents have told us how good manners and common courtesy it is to go and check on your opponent after such a thing and he did not." Apparently, small disagreements have also begun in the backstage of All Elite Wrestling, with its roster that is getting bigger and full of great protagonists of world pro-wrestling and with them, even the problems come as a consequence.

Appearing on the latest installment of the Talk is Jericho podcast, Dean Malenko said he's impressed with Rey Fenix as he has improved leaps and bounds since debuting for Tony Khan's promotion. Malenko had particular praise for Fenix's understanding of the art of selling.

"He really understands the art of selling and letting things digest with the audience. When he first came here, he was all over the place. Slowly but surely, he’s starting to grasp it."