Bryan Danielson Speaks About Match with CM Punk

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Bryan Danielson Speaks About Match with CM Punk

Bryan Danielson is a popular AEW superstar and he spoke about having a potential match with CM Punk. Bryan is a former WWE Champion and he was one of WWE’s most popular stars when he left the WWE. According to him, he simply wanted to fight wrestlers that were not in the WWE so he left the company.

Bryan has fought CM Punk several times in the WWE. His storyline with CM Punk was a love triangle storyline that involved AJ Lee. It was received well by most WWE fans.

Bryan Danielson Talks About Potententially Fighting CM Punk in AEW

So far, Bryan has faced popular stars with Kenny Omega and Miro.

CM Punk has not stepped inside an AEW ring with Bryan. CM Punk has even been Bryan’s tag team partner in the WWE on a few occasions. Bryan spoke about the possibility of getting in the ring with CM Punk on the Casual Conversations with The classic.

“I think both of those are really exciting to me,” Bryan Danielson said. “You also mentioned two teams that I would love to do a serious program with, not just a one-off thing. And who better to team with than Punk? I’ve always thought, and said this even when I was in WWE, it felt to me like Punk and I were destined to do a Wrestlemania match and then it just never happened.

“It felt like, ‘Man, it’s so perfect and it makes so much sense that we would have this Wrestlemania match against each other.’ And it never happened. But now, given the time of how long it’s been since we’ve been in a ring against each other or even as a tag team, now I feel like when we do it, it’ll be big.

And it will be big in a different way. “That’s something I really look forward to,” Bryan Danielson continued. “I also like the idea of us battling over who the real best in the world is. That sounds like a lot of fun”.

CM Punk and Bryan are one of AEW’s top signings. Both of them are former WWE Champions. CM Punk’s debut was extremely important for AEW, as CM Punk’s entire fan base, which is quite large actually watches him on AEW. That has helped AEW close the ratings gap and are one step closer to beating the WWE.