The Young Bucks are the best tag team of 2021

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The Young Bucks are the best tag team of 2021

Pro Wrestling Illustrated has announced to all fans of the wrestling world that the All Elite Wrestling tag team made up of Nick and Matt Jackson, better known as The Young Bucks, is number one on the annual PWI 50 list dedicated to the couple division.

The period considered is from 1st October 2020 to 30th September 2021 and the couples are judged on the basis of: the record of wins and losses, technical skills, influence in sport, success against the highest levels of competition, success against the highest number of different opponents and activity.

The Young Bucks during this period won the AEW Tag Team Titles, successfully defending the belts nine times, and having fantastic matches against Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley, the Lucha Bros, to whom they then relinquished the titles in a wonderful match to All Out, Santana and Ortiz, the FTR and many others.

We also have the top five directly, which also includes a female tag team from Japan: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) Lucha Bros (Rey Fenix ​​& Penta El Zero M Dangerous Tekkers (Zack Saber Jr & Taichi) The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) ALK (Giulia & Syuri).

The Young Bucks are the best in the world

The Young Bucks want the world to know that "Hangman" Adam Page is the future of All Elite Wrestling. The two fellow adventures are famous for their constantly changing Twitter biographies and in August Nick and Matt had written, after yet another sensational dismissal arrived with Bray Wyatt: "One day we will fight against the New Day and all the ones I want.

rejoice. Remember this biography", almost as if to say that even the trio could have some chance of being fired, which obviously did not happen. And again, referring to the fact that Vince McMahon for NXT would not have wanted athletes who are too "old" and therefore start their careers in their 30s and not even athletes who are too short: "Very tall.

Not yet in their 30s." In short, in addition to what the two are able to offer in the ring with their performances, it cannot be denied that the entertainment part is certainly their forte. Congratulations Nick and Matt!

“I knew he was special when we specifically told [New Japan Pro-Wrestling referee and executive] Tiger Hattori that he needed to join the Bullet Club,” Nick Jackson said. “He just needed the push to get to where he is now.

There’s no doubt that Hangman is the future of AEW. He is arguably the most over guy in our company and I feel like his backstory is very relatable to the fans, which makes his character so compelling. Him and Kenny Omega is box office”.