Matt Hardy Speaks About Jeff Hardy’s WWE Release

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Matt Hardy Speaks About Jeff Hardy’s WWE Release

Matt Hardy was part of the Hardy Boyz, and he spoke about Jeff Hardy’s WWE release recently. Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy formed The Hardy Boyz, which is one of the most popular WWE tag teams of all time. Matt and Jeff started performing as solo wrestlers after Matt left the WWE for Aew.

Matt had to wrestle as a solo wrestler even in the WWE a few months before he left the WWE as Jeff Hardy was injured and could not compete. Matt Hardy posted a family photo with him and Jeff Hardy together with their father on Twitter.

The caption read, “ALWAYS”. This was clearly to show that he supports his brother in the time that he needs him the most.

Matt Hardy Shows Support For Jeff Hardy on Social Media

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp reported that Jeff Hardy was released by the WWE after an incident that occurred at a WWE House Show.

Jeff was part of a six-man tag team match, and he was seen leaving the ring after appearing impaired. Fightful also reported that WWE wished to help Jeff but his wife later reported that he is fine. Even before Jeff’s release, Matt showed support for his brother on Twitter along with the rest of his brother’s family.

He shared another picture of him and Jeff together when they were in a tag team. “My brother, Jeff Hardy, has the best heart & soul of any human being I have ever met,” Matt Hardy tweeted. “My wife, Reby Hardy, is the most brutally straightforward human that I’ve ever met & I love her for that.

My kids, Maxel, Wolfie, Bartie & Ever, are the most important human beings in my life”. Matt was asked about Jeff’s condition during a Twitch stream. Matt revealed that he did talk to Jeff after he was released and Jeff stated that he was fine.

Matt was then seen competing at AEW Dynamite. He took part in the Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal. He managed to eliminate Jay Lethal before he was eliminated by Dante Martin, who went on to become the co-winner. Matt Hardy is currently working as a full-time AEW wrestler.

He made his AEW debut during the pandemic era and immediately started a feud with Chris Jericho and his Inner Circle group. These days, Matt Hardy is not a main even talent at AEW.

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