Wardlow talks about his future

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Wardlow talks about his future

AEW Superstar and MJF bodyguard Wardlow recently appeared on Busted Open Radio to talk about what fans can expect from him in the future. Wardlow recently hinted at separating from MJF and carving his own path in AEW.

What's next for Wardlow?

On his future: “I think that for me, a better year is coming, that of 2022.

2021 saw Wardlow in high-level, high-intensity encounters but not every week. But when Warlow is around, it's usually something special and important. Now, at the end of the year, they all see me a little more and I think I'll continue to be more present.

That's why I say 2022 will be a better year, I think we have a lot more to do. In 2022 it will be my year and I will be much more present ”. First Wardlow was used at Dynamite as MJF's bodyguard and said about him, “MJF and I, we have a very close business relationship.

This is all that has ever been and all that will be. However, that contract isn't forever. From the way he treats people, we'll see what the future holds. "On his future expectations, Wardlow talked about the All Elite Wrestling titles:" If you're in this business, you want a title, of course.

My goal is to win a particular title. This is the AEW. Obviously, to stay on top of the federation, you have to win the title of AEW world champion. If there's a chance for the TNT title in my path, it's excellent. If there's an opportunity for a Tag Team title as well, that's okay anyway.

I would like, throughout my career, to keep all the titles of this federation." On what he wanted to do in his life, Wardlow concluded: “At some point in elementary school. I was very young but I already knew that this was what I wanted to do since I was a child and since I can remember it."

He added that this association won't remain forever and that they could go their separate ways if MJF continues to mistreat him. "As we end the year, you have been seeing me a little more and I think we are going to continue seeing more of me.

That’s why I say ‘22, I think we have a lot more to come. MJF and I, strictly have a business relationship. That’s all it’s ever been, and that’s all it ever will be. However, that contract isn’t forever. The way he treats people, we will see what the future holds with that”.