*Spoiler* AEW announces a new tournament

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*Spoiler* AEW announces a new tournament

During his last interview with Busted Open Radio, Tony Khan, president of the AEW, spoke about the tournament in memory of Owen Hart, after the AEW announced a collaboration with the Owen Hart Foundation recently. "There will be single tournaments, there will be two tournaments.

There will be a male Owen Hart Cup winner and a female Owen Hart Cup winner," he revealed. "I spoke to Dr. Martha Hart and she hasn't followed wrestling that closely, but she knows from afar that there have been huge developments and so many big female stars have emerged over the past 20+ years.

Really, it's such a big part of the wrestling world now. There is so much greater female wrestling than there was twenty years ago when Owen Hart was an active fighter. So, I said to Martha: 'I think it would be great for the fans and it would be something extraordinary if we had two.

A male winner and a female winner 'and Martha thought it was great."

AEW announces a new tournament

Plus there will also be major special footage with Owen himself, stuff from NJPW brought with the help of Rocky Romero.

Then, as Khan always said in this interview, more details will be revealed along the way. In fact, already in last night's episode of AEW Rampage, something else was added, namely that the tournament will take place in May 2022 with the two finals that will take place in the Double or Nothing pay-per-view.

In addition, Owen's widow, Dr. Martha Hart, will be live on Double Or Nothing to present "The Owen", which are the trophy cups that will be given to the winners of the two returned. The AEW will announce further details on the Owen Hart Foundation Cup tournaments during the Holiday Bash edition of AEW Dynamite on TNT.

The date and venue for Double Or Nothing will be announced at a later date. A clearly frustrated Guevara set the record straight on Twitter, stating that the decision for him and Pam Nizio to break up had nothing to do with anyone else.

Sammy Guevara also stated that the two ended their engagement in October, only deciding to come out now publicly now. "This shouldn’t have to be said… but my relationship with Pam ending had nothing to do with ANYONE else.

Pam and I broke up back in October and just now felt was the time to make it publicly known. So please stop pointing fingers and looking for someone to blame," wrote Sammy Guevara in his tweet.