Arn Anderson impressed with a recent match

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Arn Anderson impressed with a recent match

In the latest episode of his "ARN" podcast this week, Arn Anderson talked about the one-hour match between "Hangman" Adam Page and Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynamite. Arn Anderson worked with Baby Doll in the 1980s, and he remembered her as a strong athlete in her prime.

He said that Baby Doll's strength was such that she could easily piggyback Tully Blanchard.

Arn Anderson is a wrestling veteran

"You know, it's funny, that we all steal from each other. Different generations steal from each other and promo lines.

Baby Doll was really, probably tough. I know she was strong as hell, that I did know. She used to ride Tully piggyback down to Atlanta airport on her back, you know, once or twice I saw that. Yes, she rode Tully piggyback, you know.

They were just goofing around," recalled Arn Anderson. On the match between the two: "I sat down and saw the match. I sat down a few minutes earlier because there was no reason to miss that show and that match. In my opinion Bryan Danielson could be the best in the world.

I looked into his heart, his skills and his growth and he is extraordinary. Everything you ever wanted to see in a title match was in that hour there, it was all how that match was supposed to be. They did not miss anything. I made sure before reaching the ring, they took a breath for at least a second before making that performance.

After the battle, I told him to the guys: 'It's the best match I've seen in 25 years now. It was amazing' If anyone wants to say I'm not right about this, I'd like to hear their thoughts so I understand them better.

I told both of them that they made me proud to be in the wrestling business. It was like one of my kids was out there. I don't know Hangman well because we haven't spent a lot of time together but I really respect his work ethic.

I know Daniel Bryan instead. I have been with him a lot during my employment. Even knowing what I could expect, I had no idea they would shine like that. I didn't expect such a match. Nobody lost in that match. It was really incredible," Arn Anderson said.

"If I could read minds, I know for sure that in the heads of all wrestling fans there is this match. They have been incredible. They have written a page of history and it probably won't even be the last." Arn added that the 'You're next' promo line was perfect for Baby Doll as she was a tough woman who never backed down from a fight.

"So, and Tully had always said, he had a story where somebody tried to stab him or something, and she grabbed the knife by the blade and took it away from a guy. I don't know if that's 100% true, but that's the story he told.

That's one tough lady! If the whole "You're Next" thing was cut right to the meat of it, 'You're next,' says it all," Arn Anderson added.