Tony Khan Talks About Orange Cassidy’s Gimmick

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Tony Khan Talks About Orange Cassidy’s Gimmick

Tony Khan is currently working as the AEW President and he revealed that he didn’t understand Orange Cassidy’s gimmick when he first arrived in AEW. According to Tony, it is Orange Cassidy’s professional wrestling ability that actually got him over with the fans and not his gimmick.

“That’s really what got him over with me in the first place, and that’s why he is a pushed wrestler in AEW. The gimmick is very entertaining and people love it,” he said. “But the thing I really love about Orange Cassidy is how great of a wrestler he is when he really wants to try.

It’s what really made me fall in love with Orange Cassidy. I didn’t understand it at first either and I’ll be the first to admit that”.

Tony Khan Shares His Thoughts About Organe Cassidy

Tony Khan stated that he told Cassidy he wanted to hire him after he talked to him.

Tony also spoke about how Cassidy’s character in AEW is different from his character in the indies. “The first time I ever really talked to him was after a PWG show, I think,” he revealed. “I had really not gotten to know him very well.

I spent a lot of time with him and talking to him about how I saw the character and how I would want to see Orange Cassidy in AEW. “One thing I’m really proud of is that if you’re an independent wrestling fan, then you probably would know this.

Or maybe looking back, this would make sense to you. The Orange Cassidy in AEW is very different from the independent Orange Cassidy from pre-AEW,” Khan stated. “What’s really cool is, at first, he was pretty similar”.

Tony then revealed his idea behind the PAC vs Cassidy match and the build-up to the match. “Really what I thought was great was building this transition that really built up to Revolution 2020,” Tony Khan said.

“Where I didn’t really want him to do much or do anything. And then he was going to have this match with PAC that would really be where it all would be revealed that he’s actually a great wrestler. And he’s actually going to try here.

That would be when he would reveal himself to be a great athlete, that was Revolution 2020,’ he said. “Of course, I thought that was one of my favorite matches that year and one of my favorite PPVs we’ve done. Since then, he hasn’t let up.