Sonny Kiss Speaks About His Backstage Role That he Had

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Sonny Kiss Speaks About His Backstage Role That he Had

Sonny Kiss is one of AEW’s most popular trans wrestlers and he spoke about his AEW backstage role. He worked backstage at AEW during the second half of 2021. He spoke about his backstage role at AEW All Out first. According to Kiss, he helped organize the memorable entrance of the Lucha Bros.

The Lucha Bros fought the Young Bucks at AEW All Out for the AEW Tag Team Titles.

Sonny Kiss Reveals That He Didn't Know About His Role

“I was one of the dancers and I choreographed the routine,” Kiss told The Shining Wizards podcast.

“That was me. That was me behind that mask and all that stuff. “And so, I asked Cody [Rhodes] that same night, ‘Should I be doing this?'” Kiss continued. “‘Like, is this ok? Does this make me look bad?’ And he was like, ‘No!

Not at all!'” Sonny admitted that he had to take advice from Cody Rhodes as he was uncertain about his future inside AEW. Cody told Sonny that he would find other ways to stand out even if he doesn’t perform in the ring regularly.

“Should I be doing more or something?” Kiss recalled asking Rhodes. “Is there something that is not clicking? How much more should I [do] to try to prove myself?’ And he’s just like, ‘Yeah.

Always do as much as you can to just keep yourself seen and keep yourself known.' ” Sonny signed with AEW during the promotions early days. He wasn’t sure about how AEW would use him during that time. “I thought it was just gonna be All In,” Kiss explained.

“I didn’t think AEW was a thing and when they announced that in January, I was like, ‘Oh! Wait a minute! Is that…what this is?’ And then Double Or Nothing turned into Fyter Fest and Fight For The Fallen and all that stuff, and then I eventually got my contract later that year.

It was super, super crazy”. Sonny Kiss made his AEW debut at AEW Double or Nothing ticket announcement party. This was held outside of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Hotel and Resort in February 2019. “I was so nervous, I threw a shirt in the pool!” Kiss laughed.

“I was throwing shirts to the fans and I was not thinking clearly at all. So, I threw that shirt right in the water, and it’s so funny because I had one job. Cody [Rhodes] said, ‘Don’t throw the shirt in the water.’ Guess what? I threw the shirt in the water!”