Jake Roberts tests positive

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Jake Roberts tests positive

Legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts is under contract with AEW, but we haven't seen him appear on screen for a long time. The wrestler has been joined by Lance Archer, who is himself out of action with a neck injury.

Roberts pointed out that he hasn't been in work in three months, with Tony Khan trying to protect him in every way, especially since he is a high-risk subject due to his age and past health problems.

Backstage News on Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts wanted to do a couple of tweets to explain to fans the situation he is currently experiencing due to his positivity to COVID, which as we know in this period is not giving us respite, among many infections and variants.

The first tweet mentions: “I've waited a long time. I actually thought I was bulletproof. Yes, I had Covid-19 !!!!! " While in the second he writes: “Yes, after not going to work in AEW for almost three months.

Tony Kahn knows they are at high risk and has exceeded all expectations trying to keep everyone safe. I'm pretty sure I got it from the family or when I was out shopping." We remind you that Roberts is currently 66 and in May 2022 he will be 67 and although he is still fit enough to work in a wrestling company, certainly for health problems and all, it is also right that he stays as safe as possible.

Also from January 4, 2022, he and his longtime friend Diamond Dallas Page will launch a new podcast that will be part of the Conrad Thompson podcast network, where Conrad Thompson reminds you of being the husband of Ric Flair's eldest daughter.

"Jake and I have so many years together and memories and stories, and we think people are going to find out a lot about that," DDP told Sports Illustrated's, Justin Barrasso. "Now, initially, I didn't want to do a podcast.

There are so many out there. Then Jake said to me 'I know you won't do one, but do one with me.' I said I'd do it on one condition, and that's if we had Conrad Thompson. He's built something special, and I really respect that.

So since Connie's in it, we'll do it." During a recent interview on the Rasslin with Brandon F. Walker podcast, Jake Roberts opened up about his time in AEW. He stated that he has no plans on leaving the company.

He went so far as to say that he would work there without a paycheck. Roberts also revealed how long he was originally supposed to be in AEW. "I’m gonna listen to the opportunities, but I am not gonna walk out on AEW.

I don’t care what is offered to me. This is where I want to be. If Tony [Khan] came to me and said, ‘Jake, we gotta save some money. You know, sorry.’ I’ll say, ‘Well do you mind if I just show up on my own?’ Because that’s why I would do it. Tony, please don’t do that to me though."