Sammy Guevara confirms he's dating Tay Conti?

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Sammy Guevara confirms he's dating Tay Conti?

In recent months, we had all known through the TV screens of All Elite Wrestling the love story of Sammy Guevara and Pam, his girlfriend for over eight years, with the two who had also decided to get married this summer, when Sammy had proposed to Pam to marry him, just before an episode of Dynamite and he had wanted to shout it to the world right in front of the cameras of the show.

After spending an infinite amount of time together, the two had thus decided to take the plunge, but something must have gone wrong, because Sammy Guevara himself, in recent weeks had confirmed online how the two of them broke up.

The message that came up on the social networks of the former AEW TNT champion was this: "I know many of you have supported us for a long time and we have really enjoyed it over the years. Since you have given us so much love and support we thought we should tell you and let you know that we are no longer together in a relationship.

We still love each other and hope for nothing but the best for each other. We would appreciate the delicacy and respect for our privacy during this period. - Sam and Pam."

Great news for Sammy Guevara

Apparently, Sammy Guevara didn't seem to have taken long to mend his heart, after the breakup, with the athlete announcing to his fans that he's dating his colleague, Tay Conti.

Guevara posted a picture on New Year's Eve which confirmed the rumors that had been going around for a while. The two had already had several approaches in the videos that both Conti and Sammy Guevara had shot for their respective Youtube channels, with the fans who had fueled their union, but until now kept secret.

But now it's all official, with the former TNT Champion himself and his girlfriend having to post two simple photos to make everyone understand how things are. In the past, Top Dolla has had issues with several AEW stars.

On an episode of the Jobbing Out podcast, even before his SmackDown debut, Top Dolla claimed that The Young Bucks had taken a shot at him. "That’s the craziest part, these guys gave me all the juice, and it all came from them sitting there.

I never debuted on SmackDown yet, but they felt the need to talk down on my name like I’m some nobody. That’s not how these rocks."