Cody Rhodes opens up on his future

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Cody Rhodes opens up on his future

In the latest edition of FITE in Focus, the new TNT champion, who has recently snatched the title from Sammy Guevara, with the public divided between those who hate him and those who love him, wanted to talk about Battle of the Belts, an event AEW special which will air on TNT.

"I'm really thrilled that Tony called it Battle of the Belts because it's right there in the name. I didn't like it in wrestling when a belt has been tarnished or lost their value for a wrestler," Cody Rhodes said.

"Don't be fooled. You talk to a lot of wrestlers, we love our belts, really. Most wrestlers who are good at their jobs, have their own display of all the belts they've won. It's a significant thing. It's no different than winning an Oscar in Hollywood.

It's unique in that sense, calling it Battle of the Belts and putting the emphasis on titles, and I'm not sure all titles will be defended in this first TNT special, but I know, with that in mind, being the first special that we're doing as part of the new contract, you know, me and the Bucks and Kenny, and Tony, we can't leave it - we're not capable, we're not able, at this point, to have a B + show, everything has to be A+."

Cody Rhodes on his future

Cody Rhodes also added: "It's something I'm looking forward to. We can still create these new memories, and we will continue to create them. […] It's the vaguest thing I've ever said.

I'll be honest with you. I'm thrilled. of Battle of the Belts because it reminds me of Clash of the Champions. It's special, and great things happen on nights like that. I said we were never able to never have a great night, but we can make our nights more great.

If it makes sense and I can't wait." So we absolutely keep our eyes peeled for this event. The American Nightmare is currently in possession of the AEW TNT Championship. He won the title by beating Sammy Guevara on the December 22 edition of Rampage.

In doing so, Rhodes became a three-time TNT Champion and has held the title the most number of times since the creation of the belt. Cody's win also meant that Guevara's first TNT Title reign came to an end at 87 days.

Rhodes is currently unable to challenge for the AEW World Championship but has already established himself as the most successful TNT Champion in the promotion's 2+ year history.