Brit Baker On Getting Feedback From Tony Khan

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Brit Baker On Getting Feedback From Tony Khan

Brit Baker is one of AEW’s most popular female wrestlers, and she recently spoke about getting feedback from Tony Khan regularly. Tony Khan is the President of AEW. Brit currently holds the AEW Women’s World Title.

She was a guest on Mike Jones of DC 101 recently. She was there to promote the AEW Dynamite event that will take place in DC. However, she also spoke about getting praised by Tony Khan and how important that is for her.

Brit Baker Talks About Her Plans for 2022 and Being Praised by Tony Khan

“Getting praises from him is as good as it gets,” Baker said.

“I appreciate obviously the fans because they’re the heart and soul of professional wrestling, but Tony is the master mind behind everything that we do, so just that he has confidence in me to go out there and carry out his vision and his love for the sport, is a very very cool feeling”.

Brit then spoke about the bad injury that luchador Rey Fenix suffered recently. On past week’s Dynamite event, Rey dislocated his shoulder. This happened when he landed badly on his right arm. Britt spoke about that injury and revealed that she was glad to know that Rey is fine.

She stated that it was one of the nastiest injuries she has ever seen. “That guy is such a warrior,” Baker said. “You see it on tv every week just like everyone else but holy crap that was absolutely brutal.

That’s like one of the most gruesome things I’ve ever seen in wrestling so for him to just be in good spirits and he’s okay and he can’t wait to get back in the ring it’s really cool, it’s very admirable”.

She then revealed that her plan for 2022 was to build the AEW Women’s division and make it even stronger than it is right now. “I just want to continue to do elevating women’s wrestling in any possible way that I can in any way that I can,” Britt Baker said.

“Etch my name in the history book when it comes to the AEW women’s division, that’s what I want because we all rise. When one person rises everyone rises, so I really want to continue. I think the women’s division is absolutely on fire right now especially with the TBS tournament that we just had.

You know Jade, the new champion, she’s an absolute rock star. Whether I like her or not, that’s undeniable”.