Cody Rhodes Speaks About Hook’s Popularity

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Cody Rhodes Speaks About Hook’s Popularity

Cody Rhodes is one of AEW’s Executive Vice President’s, and he spoke about Hook’s popularity. Ever since making his debut Hook has been extremely captivating. Cody spoke about what AEW has to do to make sure that Hook stays popular for a long time.

“There was this natural anticipation for him,” Rhodes told Rasslin’. “And you’ll even hear people refer to it like the meme wrestler that was kind of becoming the whole ‘Send Hook’, and that is not a bad thing if people are excited if they have an interest.

“The thing you have to do, not just Hook himself but as the company, we have to turn that into, ‘No no, he’s not a joke'”, Rhodes continued. “He’s not this inside gag, he’s actually going to be a wonderful pro wrestler himself and in the first outings Hook has had, he’s been able to do that.

That’s big. That’s what’s so delicate about it”.

Cody Rhodes Talks About How AEW Should Handle Hook

Cody Rhodes then spoke about a wrestler that rapidly rose in popularity. He stated that this happened to Fandango and he saw this first hand as Cody was still part of the WWE.

Fandango made his in-ring debut at WrestleMania 29. He immediately got over and fans really liked him, thanks to Chris Jericho’s amazing work before Fandango made his debut. “Everyone in the crowd was going nuts for Fandango, it was insane,” Rhodes explained.

“But somewhere along the line, it fell back into humor and it fell back into an ironic wrestler and not an actual guy”. Famous former professional wrestler, Taz is the father of Hook. Just like his father, Hook has a very humorless demeanor.

Hook has currently part of Team Taz. He was originally part of Team Taz as well, but he actually did not have any matches for several months after coming on AEW TV. “In this case, you got crowds chanting, ‘We want Hook,'” Cody Rhodes said.

“You have people going nuts for what he’s doing. It’s really cool to see. As far as another second-generation person watching it, all I see though when it happens is I just want to make sure we keep it going.

Everything in wrestling is delicate, it is. In that case, I just want to keep it going, all the time in the world. I feel like ‘The Khan’ has got him in a good spot and they’re gonna keep rolling”.