Cary Silkin Speaks About Talking to Tony Khan Backstage

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Cary Silkin Speaks About Talking to Tony Khan Backstage

Cary Silkin recently appeared on the Wrestling Inc. Daily to speak about talking to Tony Khan backstage. Cary was with Tony Khan at a recent AEW Dynamite event that was held in Newark. Cary spoke to Tony Khan for the first time.

Cary Silkin Shares Details About His Conversation with Tony Khan

“I got to spend a little time with Matt Hardy and I noticed, ‘Oh sh*t, there’s Tony Khan, like 30 feet away.’ He’s talking to two girls, I don’t know which ones they were, sorry,” he said.

“But they were doing something that night and he was very engaged. After my pleasantries and a nice photo with Matt Hardy, I said to Matt, ‘hey, do you think I can go over?’ “Because I have to like interrupt them, otherwise I am not going to see him again, right? And Matt Hardy, who I hope wasn’t, and it turns out he was not playing a rib on me said, ‘yeah, go ahead.’ It could have been the worst advice, but he knew,” Cary stated.

“I said, ‘are you sure?’ He said, ‘yeah.’ Cary stated that he pushed Ring of Honor as he believes this is the only opportunity he would get. According to Cary, he asked Tony Khan if All Elite wrestling would help ROH if they started doing shows again.

As noted, ROH is currently not putting out shows as it regularly did at one time. “In the case of ROH continuing, and I have nothing to do with the ROH business,” Silkin added. “I leaned into him and I said, ‘do you think we could maybe work with yourselves if we do a show, whenever that might be?’ Do you know what an answer was? Here’s an exclusive for you, he didn’t say yes, he didn’t say no.

He just said, ‘have them give me a call.’ So if there’s a show, that would be nice”. Carry Silkin praised Tony by saying that he seems like a very fair guy. He also noted that people only had good things to say about him.

“He worked to get FTR to Final Battle, also Jay Lethal. He seems like a really fair guy. This is no b------t, every one of those guys that I am close with that I saw, like Jerry Lynn, like Adam Cole, Christopher Daniels.

I was saying, ‘how is it?’ Everyone says it is great. One of them said to me, ‘I got to work with the two greatest bosses of all time,’ very nice. So Tony Khan is definitely held in high esteem, beyond the fact that he’s giving these guys a paycheck,” he said.

“That he’s a good guy, and he loves pro wrestling and he wants to help the entire wrestling business”.