Big Swole On Receiving Racist Messages and Threats

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Big Swole On Receiving Racist Messages and Threats

Big Swole is a famous female professional wrestler and she spoke about receiving racist messages and threats recently. She spoke about it on the Swole World podcast. She also spoke about the people who sent her the messages. “I’m gonna call a spade a spade,” Swole said on her Swole World podcast.

“You’re calling me a n*gger, you’re calling me a n*gger. You’re saying, ‘kill the n*ggers’. Excuse my language, you guys. But that’s – yeah, that’s how serious it is”.

Big Swole Reveals That Racist Messages Disappointed Her Tremendously

Racist remarks are quite common in the world of professional wrestling and most people believe that it has ruined the life of some professional wrestlers.

It is also a well-known fact that people are bullied and harassed online quite often especially if they do something that will annoy a large group of people. She stated that the threats and racist messages were the most disappointing part of her life after she was left AEW.

She spoke about her concerns about how the promotion is run and why she actually quit AEW. She stated that there is a lack of diversity in the company and the company doesn’t have a proper structure. On New Year’s Day, Tony Khan retweeted Swole’s tweet that criticized AEW.

He stated in his retweet that AEW actually is committed to having a diverse roster and also criticized Swole’s in-ring ability. Even after a week, Swole’s comments about AEW are still being talked about. According to Swole, however, the person who sent her the racist comments should not talk about professional wrestling.

“It is so unbecoming of you as a person,” Swole said. “It speaks volumes to your character, to your merit, to your lack thereof that you would have to stoop so low because of a disagreement about wrestling.

About wrestling? Is it that important to you that you would have to come at me about the color of my skin?” Big Swole also revealed that some of the comments and messages that she received were directed at her daughter.

Swole also recalled that people sent racist threats to TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville. This happened while she was still working for AEW. This was back with AEW was still doing shows at the Daily’s Place which was very close to the stadium.