The growth of AEW continues

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The growth of AEW continues

Recently, news came about of the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon, lashing out against the wrestling way of the rival company, All Elite Wrestling, after the numerous bloody matches with the girls of the company. After having seen Britt Baker, The Bunny, Tay Conti and many other athletes fight, with the help of blunt objects, tables, pins and much more, the Chairman of the Stamford-based federation wanted us to underline how according to him the two WWE and AEW businesses are very different, with fans going wild after these statements, given what happened in the rings of the then WWF when Attitude Era or Ruthless Aggression Era was staged.

In fact, according to many, Vince McMahon's words are decidedly hypocritical, even according to many AEW insiders.

AEW has grown tremendously

As we recall, Vince McMahon had in fact defined the way of working of the AEW athletes: "If you look at their bloody self-mutilation, which was also staged in the women's match on December 31st in the event on TNT, it is immediately clear how we are two completely different businesses.

Let's hope they don't continue this blood and guts policy with these bloody things they've already brought to the scene, which would be a horrible thing and I couldn't imagine, I can't speak for TNT, but I can't imagine what they could still do worse than that."

In response, some athletes of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) wanted to respond clearly to Vince McMahon, posting the following photos on social media, which even without the need for tags are clearly referred to Vince McMahon and his words.

To top it all off, a fan also posted a drawing that encompasses the contentment, happiness and serenity of AEW athletes in airing the matches they know how to do in the best way, in spite of Vince McMahon, who says that such a show is not to be considered suitable for the public.

Page then went on to take AEW Women's Champion Britt Baker and former WWE star Cody Rhodes, who he believes would now be "monster money" with the professional wrestling juggernaut: "My number two pick would be Britt Baker because that girl is over.

And she works her a** off, and when she did the whole bloodbath deal, she took it to a different level. The [third] guy I bring in is Cody Rhodes, who can talk as good or better than anybody in the business and I think he would be monster money there now.

He proved what he had to prove. He did it in a big way, and it would be brilliant of them to sign MJF, Britt [Baker], and him."