Tony Khan responds to criticism

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Tony Khan responds to criticism

The competition between WWE and AEW continues even in the words of some great exponents of wrestling. Tony Khan is prepared to make the All Elite Wrestling roster even bigger. AEW owner Tony Khan recently sat down with Wade Keller of PWTorch to discuss a variety of subjects.

When the discussion shifted to the latest round of WWE releases, Khan revealed there were a few names he was interested in signing. Of course, he wouldn't tip his hand and name the performers he has an eye on.

Tony Khan's defense

WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff was very critical of the current WWE product, noting that it was very stereotypical: "The WWE product is as successful as it has been in the last 20 or 25 years.

The bad news is the formula that keeps WWE in the position it currently is in and it is a very sterile formula. The names and clothes change, but nothing really changes. It is very stereotyped and does not attract any new viewers."

Eric Bischoff was also critical of AEW president Tony Khan: "If they don't have the courage to compete with the best, then they have to shut up. There is no tactical advantage in completely degrading the competition when it is clear to your audience.

that you don't have the courage to do anything about it. You are fighting a fight in which you are not willing to fight. And in my opinion, all of this is like a childish person. In the past on a podcast, I admitted that I feel a bit of envy, not jealousy of Tony and AEW because I've been through these situations before and I know what it feels like.

That episode got big ratings, more than AEW and WWE. So can I go around saying I'm better than them? No, that would be stupid. Tony talks too much but the problem is the manipulation of data on his shows. It gives the impression that they are always on par with WWE.

He has been doing it from day one." On these statements, Tony Khan then replied: "I don't care what night the shows take place. It is really unconscious that Bischoff says these things because I don't choose which night Dynamite or Rampage will be held.

Each has its own time slot. These accusations are nonsense. Our bands that have been assigned to me are those and we cannot change them to compete for head to head with the others."