Britt Baker Speaks About Her Value in AEW

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Britt Baker Speaks About Her Value in AEW

Britt Baker currently holds the AEW Women’s World Title and she spoke about her value in All Elite Wrestling. Britt is one of AEW’s most popular stars right now and recently appeared on TV with her real-life partner Adam Cole.

Even though Britt is considered one of the pillars of AEW by many people, she believes she is more valuable than many of the male wrestlers that are in AEW right now. She spoke about how valuable she is on the Rasslin with Brandon F.

Walker show. She actually stated that she is more valuable than MJF.

Britt Baker Talks About Her Name Being Dropped During Promos

“Honestly, I am worth more than Max,” Baker said. “If you owned a wrestling company in today’s landscape/climate, is MJF worth more money, or is Britt Baker worth more money? Me and Max have these conversations with each other all the time.

We’re very competitive. He thinks he’s more important, I think I’m more important. I built an entire women’s division from the ground up”. Britt has been praised by various superstars, including MJF and CM Punk during their promos.

That made her even more popular and many people believe that she is one of the reasons why people are interested in AEW. According to her, the wrestlers that name-dropped her were smart as she is currently the biggest start in AEW right now.

“It’s smart,” Baker said. “It’s good business. I’m the h*ttest thing in women’s wrestling. You want the smoke to come out of your mouth on the mic, keep my name in your mouth”. Britt is ready to team up with Adam Cole on AEW Dynamite this week.

She will wrestle the team of Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander. Britt stated that she does not know whether she and Cole will team up together regularly in the future. “If I knew the answer, I still would not tell you that,” Britt Baker said.

“So here’s the thing. We are both so on top of our game right now that it doesn’t matter what we do. If we’re on our own, if we’re together, we’re still the best of the best. So who cares honestly? As long as we’re both on TV winning matches, cutting promos that’s all anybody wants to see”.