Eddie Kingston is stopped due to injury

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Eddie Kingston is stopped due to injury

It looks like Eddie Kingston will be taking a break from the action in the ring due to injury. As reported by PwInsider, All Elite Wrestling president Tony Khan announced that Kingston was injured last weekend while recording AEW Dark at Universal Studios in Florida.

Sources say Kingston will not appear on our screens and in the AEW ring for several weeks. If we go into even more detail, however, the famous wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer interrupted and spoke of an orbital fracture, therefore to the bones that make up the orbit.

Kingston fought on January 11 at AEW Dark, an episode recorded on January 8, where he defeated Joey Janela. He then stayed on television to continue his storyline with Chris Jericho, Santana, Ortiz, Daniel Garcia and 2point0.

What's next for Eddie Kingston?

To stay on topic with the storyline Eddie Kingston was carrying out at Dynamite, speaking on the Battleground podcast, the wrestler himself stated, "If I had done it my way ... there's a lot going on with Garcia and 2point0 and now.

Jericho is poking his nose into my business. I love PNPs [Santana & Ortiz], these have been my kids for years, I love them both to death. I don't like them being with Jericho and I never liked them. I have my opinion on Jericho.

I don't want his help, I don't need his help. He's helping the PNPs, but are they tag team world champions? No, because they are busy with Jericho's stuff. If it weren't for Chris Jericho and his squabbles with random people, Proud N Powerful would be world tag team champions.

I say it now. If Jericho doesn't like it he can come and see me in Raleigh, I'll be there." We will now see how long it will take Kingston to recover and if, when he returns, there will be a feud with Jericho that he can go and resume what was abruptly interrupted precisely because of Eddie Kingston's injury.

Kingston then went on to talk about how some of the WWE writers were confused by his promo, which he knew was the final nail in the coffin: "It was some dumb drill. I was like, yeah, it was hard, 'I’ve had people shoot at me, try to stab me with knives, and God I hate this drill more than that.'

Put the camera down and everyone’s looking at me like I’m nuts because I said 'guns and knives.' I said 'What? Okay, it’s hard, what do you want me to say?' I remember I was doing the promo class and I said where I come from, they believe in Tupac more than Santa Claus and I saw two writers have this confused look on their faces when I said it, and I went 'Oh yeah, I’m done, let me just have my match and I’ll leave.' "