*Spoiler* Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley collided

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*Spoiler* Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley collided

In recent months, a myriad of former WWE talents have landed on the rings of All Elite Wrestling, both due to the numerous layoffs that Stamford-based company wanted to bring to its rosters and due to the management of the talents of the McMahon-owned wrestling federation, which it has not allowed many to feel work-fulfilled in their WWE stint.

Many McMahon athletes, in fact, have waited for the end of their agreement with the WWE, to pick up and pack their bags, then moving after a few weeks to the rings of the Khan family company, the AEW, such as: Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, Bryan Danielson and earlier, Jon Moxley, known in the WWE rings as Dean Ambrose of the Shield.

The latter, after a period of a few months away from the AEW rings due to problems of alcohol addiction, managed to get back in better shape than ever in the Jacksonville company's rings, going to challenge anyone who stood in front of him in his walk, after several weeks off from the in-ring action.

Bryan Danielson challenged Jon Moxley

Bryan Danielson departed WWE and debuted on All Elite Wrestling in September. While several wrestlers have left WWE unhappy in recent years, that isn't the case with Bryan Danielson, who has gone on record several times since signing with AEW to state how much he enjoyed his time at WWE.

After an absence that had lasted since last October, when Jon Moxley had confirmed that he wanted to enter a rehabilitation clinic (at the total expense of WWE McMahon's), Jon Moxley reappeared in the AEW rings only last Wednesday in Dynamite, with Moxley he is presented in an optimal physical shape, which has not been seen for some years, losing a lot of weight and even returning with longer hair than usual.

After a beautiful and heartfelt promo left to Dynamite's microphones, this night the former WWE talent is also back in the ring in action, going to beat Ethan Page in a ten-minute match, with his submission finisher. The good part, however, came at the end of the contest, when Jon took his way out of the ring, passing through the public and meeting an old acquaintance of his from the WWE rings, who in AEW he had never crossed yet.

Let's talk about former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, who has returned to be called Bryan Danielson out of WWE. The two squared off several seconds before Moxley went out to the backstage, with the air of challenge between the two that does not bode well, if not a huge feud that will arrive in the next weeks and in the next episodes of the AEW.