Renee Paquette discusses Jon Moxley's return

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Renee Paquette discusses Jon Moxley's return
Renee Paquette discusses Jon Moxley's return

During this week's "The Sessions", Renee Paquette talked about her husband Jon Moxley's latest promo, during the episode of his return to AEW Dynamite. On Jon Moxley's promo, Renee Paquette said: “Let's talk about Jon's promo this Wednesday.

But what beauty was it? It's fun to talk about him as Jon Moxley, despite being my husband. Not having seen him on TV for a while now hurt me too. I didn't know what he was going to say or what he was going to do at that moment on TV.

I didn't know what his reaction would be. How he would return to Dynamite and so on. I also noticed a vulnerability in him. His promo was of unprecedented beauty, but not from the point of view of his work, just like the speech a human being makes to other people.

It's incredible. My Twitter profile absolutely exploded in that instant. Many people could relate to him, to what he has been through and to the things he does. Jon caught me off guard. He made me feel weird. Seeing him out there and hearing him talk really thrilled me.

He made me very proud of him. Obviously, I know everything he's been through and it's really nice now to see him again doing his things and what he likes as well as feeling good about himself, both with his mind and with his body”.

Renee Paquette comments on Jon Moxley

On Bully Ray's allegations: “Jon is an incredible man and a crazy wrestler. I couldn't help but love him so much. I know it's about paying attention to him but I didn't like Bully Ray's words at all.

I'm disappointed, I thought he was a nice person. He spoke ill of my husband and my family. I know for a fact that he has my husband's number, so call him and clarify with him. His health is no joke. He didn't have to apologize to anyone.

Bully, on the other hand, must apologize for what he said”. The WWE Hall Of Famer criticized Jon Moxley's promo to AEW Dynamite, arguing that the former WWE Superstar should have apologized to fans for his behavior. Roman Reigns and Moxley have opened up about their relationship on various occasions in the past.

The two have had nothing but praise for each other. Reigns did take a slight jibe at Jon Moxley once for leaving WWE and joining All Elite Wrestling: "Well I guess Ambrose or Moxley really sc**ewed that up, didn't he? He messed around and just left us.

I don't think The Shield will ever be recreated or brought back. That's not just a situation because Mox went to AEW. It's just, we were so good. Honestly, I think we did the reunion thing a little too much the last... three years ago or whatever it was," Reigns said.

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