Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly discuss why they chose AEW

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Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly discuss why they chose AEW

With Chris Jericho on "Talk Is Jericho", Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly talked about why they left ROH for NXT and what prompted them to choose AEW. On why they left Ring of Honor and New Japan to go to NXT in 2017, Bobby Fish revealed: “I felt New Japan was really amazing but I also felt NXT was the right place at the time.

I still remember TakeOver with Finn Balor and Kevin Owens, it seemed like NXT was amazing. I pretty much thought I'd never go to WWE in my career, I was fine where I was in ROH and New Japan. Realizing it was an option was a turning point in my career”.

Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly on AEW

Kyle O'Reilly also commented on the subject: “It was really difficult to leave Japan. That's where I've always really wanted to fight. I loved the culture and all the people of the place.

I really loved that federation wrestling. But at the end of the day, you need to do what's best for you and your family. And the opportunity with NXT was the best thing for my family at the time." Upon their arrival at AEW, O'Reilly revealed: “Seeing Fish going there and Adam Cole already being there, made me want AEW very much.

How can you not want to go back to work with these guys and be part of an AEW where every week is a show. We talked about the next steps in our careers. It seemed to me that this was the right step for me. The change of NXT 2.0 had happened.

It seemed to me that before this happened, Kyle O'Reilly was one of the best at NXT and after that, it felt like plans had changed for me. I was thrilled with the idea of ​​returning to the ring in this new frontier of the AEW.

There are so many talented guys there and so many exciting matches. There are also a lot of tag team matches. The tag team division is incredible and I love that kind of wrestling, that in pairs. My former tag team partner was there so I finally chose to move to AEW.

I did a one-week renewal with WWE just to get it all done for NXT WarGames. I then realized the opportunity to come to AEW and I found an agreement with Tony, a day or two before my debut”. Christopher Daniels is 51 years old.

It's amazing to think Daniels has been around for as long as he has. The man, who recently returned to IMPACT, has been wrestling since 1993. Daniels has appeared in several independent promotions. He has had stints in WWE, ECW, and WCW, but nothing manifested into anything significant.

That changed when TNA came onto the scene. Daniels spent several years with the promotion, eventually becoming the Fallen Angel, a severe brooding character.