AEW: Keith Lee makes his AEW debut

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AEW: Keith Lee makes his AEW debut

It was in the air for a few days and in the end, the official announcement came only tonight, with the broadcasting of Dynamite, by the All Elite Wrestling of the Khan family, the flag show of the number two company of America, which presented in general surprise his new wrestler, who is none other than former WWE NXT Champion: Keith Lee.

After several days of rumors that the former North American Champion and former NXT Champion would join the AEW roster following his McMahon-wanted release a few months ago, the long-awaited debut came just hours ago, when Keith Lee showed up with his name and his big face in front of the Dynamite cameras, in the match for Dynamite's Face of the Revolution, against Isiah Kassidy.

Needless to say, the match was won in a flash by Keith Lee, with the massive fighter thus making his return to the ring of a very important company like AEW, after the end of the non-competition clause with the WWE, which did not allow him to work with any other federation, except with the permission of the McMahon company.

Keith Lee made his AEW debut

At the moment, we do not know what the agreement between Keith Lee and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is, with the fighter who has certainly signed a new agreement with the Khans, but at the moment we do not know how long that agreement is, nor how much is his contract worth.

As had been reported by Dave Meltzer for several days already, Keith Lee's name was rumored as one of those who could land in the AEW rings, just in these days, with the president of the company, Tony Khan, who had already made promises in about some new arrival, with this one that surely left the fans with a smile on their face.

After moving to the finals in the AEW Revolution, Keith Lee already seems to have the road paved in the AEW rings, unlike his opponent, on which Matt Hardy seems to have already thrown in the towel, especially after this umpteenth defeat.

According to reports from Dave Meltzer, it is very likely that Keith Lee has made agreements since November with AEW, waiting for his non-compete clause with the company to expire, in order to make his debut in AEW. Debut that came right after his marriage to Mia Yim, a former WWE athlete too.

Ever since reports started swirling that WWE is planning a 'forbidden door' entrant for the men's Royal Rumble match this year, fans have been speculating about AEW names like Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho potentially entering the bout.

But Dave Meltzer seems to have shut down these presumptions while speaking on F4WOnline. The wrestling journalist noted that there would be no 'AEW involvement' in the upcoming WWE Premium Live Event.