AEW: The federation has recruited another great talent

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AEW: The federation has recruited another great talent

In recent weeks and months, the AEW has wanted to give their fans some moments to truly remember, with several new faces making their debut in the Dynamite or Rampage rings, to the delight of the audience of the company. , especially what we were left with saddened by the numerous layoffs carried out by WWE in recent months.

Several of the former WWE athletes, in fact, have already landed on the rings of the Khan family company, with the last only in chronological order being Keith Lee, former North American and absolute champion of NXT, who landed on the rings of AEW, just tonight at Dynamite, also winning his very first match against Isiah Kassidy.

However, Keith Lee's was not the only debut seen in the rings and in the Dynamite segments, as Tony Khan, president of the number two company of America, had promised that the famous Forbidden Door would reopen, which has already happened months.

and weeks before, with a new arrival that was sensational for fans of independent American and non-American companies.

Jay White joins AEW

This debut had also been rumored for some time, with the New Japan Pro Wrestling fighter who had teased fans of the Khans company about his possible arrival in the AEW rings in recent months.

Several times, the Young Bucks and Adam Cole had also left clues regarding Jay White's arrival in the AEW rings and finally tonight, that landing has arrived. In a segment where the AEW Elite had seen fit to attack the Roppongi Vice team, who were the designated opponents of the evening for the Young Bucks, the NJPW Switchblade landed in front of the cameras.

As Adam Cole was finishing off his opponents, the former WWE paused, saying "Look who we have here", just seconds before the vest with White's logo appeared in front of the cameras of the All Elite. In the end, Jay White, finished the opponents while apparently allying himself with the team composed of the Young Bucks and Adam Cole, who are still waiting for the return of Kenny Omega, who's now been absent for months due to physical problems.

We'll see in the coming weeks what kind of plans Jay White will be involved with the Elite, in the AEW rings. The former IWGP Heavyweight Champion somewhat hinted that there are chances of him appearing on a Wednesday night episode of AEW Dynamite.

But White also questioned whether or not fans should believe his words. "Secondly, do you think I'm really gonna actually tell you? And then, even if I do tell you, do you think I'm telling you the truth? If I tell you I'm gonna be there this Wednesday, do you think you're gonna believe me? If I tell you, no I'm not going to be there this Wednesday, how do you know I'm telling the truth? So, yeah, that question gets me going, as you can tell," added Jay White.