Nyla Rose Speaks About Her Inspirations

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Nyla Rose Speaks About Her Inspirations

Nyla Rose is a former Aew Women’s World Champion, and she spoke about the wrestlers that inspired her during her life. She is one of AEW’s most well-known transgender wrestlers. She appeared on Good Morning Washington as they are still doing their ‘I Am Black History’ series which is part of the celebration of Black History Month in the US.

Rose is the first-ever transgender to become part of any major American wrestling promotion. She spoke about her s*xuality and what it means.

Nyla Rose Talks About The Black Wrestlers That Inspired Her

“It means a lot.

There are a lot of eyes on me at any given moment,” Rose stated. “I just want to do my communities proud, so it was a little bit of pressure. But I like that pressure because it keeps me on the straight and narrow and it keeps me having goals in mind and it gives me something to push for”.

In AEW, she had Vickie Guerrero by her side. Vickie is a former WWE Talent and is very well-known in the industry. According to Nyla, she is proud to have Vickie in her corner. “It’s a little bit of pressure, but in all honesty, it’s a lot of pride,” Nyla said.

“I feel so proud that this woman with this incredible legacy, you know, part of this amazing, like you said, world-renowned wrestling family. You could go anywhere in the world and say, ‘Guerrero,’ anybody knows who you’re talking about.

Chose to be along my side. So it’s really cool and it’s an immense sense of pride from me. And I just want to go out there every day and make Vickie proud that she chose the right person”. Nyla then spoke about the black female wrestlers that have inspired her over the years.

“All of them. I know that’s kind of a cop-out answer, but honestly all of them,” Nyla Rose said. “Having, having lived through the stripe of what a black female wrestler goes through, and admittedly, even my struggles would be a little different than a cisgender black female.

But still, I’ve experienced it. So to see all of them continuously push and overcome those obstacles, it’s nothing short of a miracle in all honesty. But if I were to name names, Trish Adora. You know, she’s a local hero if you will.

She’s someone who really inspires me. But like you said, Jazz, Jacqueline. Growing up, Jacqueline was a huge influence to me”.