Rob Van Dam Names His Top AEW Superstars

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Rob Van Dam Names His Top AEW Superstars

Rob Van Dam is one of the most respected professional wrestlers in the world. His career has spanned nearly 30 years and he is still in very good condition. He appeared on Sportskeeda Wrestling to talk about All Elite Wrestling.

The WWE Hall of Famer believes that AEW is legitimate competition for WWE. He first thought that AEW would just be another wrestling company such as Impact.

Rob Van Dam Talks About MJF Being the Top Heel in 2021

“Pretty cool, they’re groundbreaking,” RVD said.

“When they first came out, they just stood as good a chance as everybody else in my mind because even though I heard they had a lot of money, this guy owns [the Jacksonville Jaguars], even with all of that, that wasn’t anything new.

Happens all the time, every once in a while somebody comes up and they think they’re going to be the next big thing and usually, they have one show, if that, and then they’re done. “AEW started and I thought they were just going to be another one of those companies, and they certainly weren’t.

It’s amazing that they draw as many fans as they do and that’s on TV and in person. The crowds are so much bigger than IMPACT Wrestling or a lot of the independents outside of WWE. So they’ve stepped up and they really are the next big thing”.

RVD stated that he hasn’t been contacted so far by WWE or AEW, which is slightly strange as AEW uses former WWE Legends quite frequently. RVD expressed interest to return to work for WWE by appearing at the WWE Royal Rumble event.

According to RVD, MJF was the top heel in AEW in 2021. MJF has so far not lost a single match in AEW. He also won a match against CM Punk, who is one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. RVD then shared an MFJ story. “I think MJF really has the fans’ attention,” Rob Van Dam said.

“He’s super committed from what I understand, he was at a comic convention of some kind and on his own without the production crew behind him or anything, he walked into a room full of black people but they had a black person on stage and he said, ‘Does anybody have any questions on Black Lives Matter?’ Like, what a heel. He’s just committed, he doesn’t laugh at himself or break character that I know”.