What are the conditions of Kenny Omega?

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What are the conditions of Kenny Omega?

In recent weeks there has been a huge absence from the All Elite Wrestling rings, we are talking about the now-former world champion of the federation, Kenny Omega, who for months has carried on his reign, beating all kinds of records possible in the rings of the Khan family, extending his dominion also on the rings of other federations (AAA and IMPACT Wrestling) and bringing the reign of AEW World Champion to over a full year.

After losing this very title, AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega took a long break from the All Elite rings, with his break coinciding with a break from all the other federations where Kenny worked and therefore also in Japan and Mexico, with the athlete who is no longer seen anywhere, in the rings of any company.

Apparently, the former AEW champion is struggling with an annoying injury that will keep him out of the scene for quite some time, with the president of the company having long wanted to talk about this situation too, given the apprehension of fans towards this long absence from the AEW rings, never seen in the career with Kenny Omega's Khans.

Tony Khan reflects on Kenny Omega

In his last speech on PW Insider's microphones, president Tony Khan, in fact, wanted to talk about Kenny Omega, to reassure all insiders and fans about his absence, saying: "Now it's time for him to rehabilitate and recover, so he'll be back stronger and back in the ring, hopefully, better than ever and better than ever.

I truly believe that the things he did, despite being physically limited, at a time, were really crazy. I think he was absolutely the wrestler of the year, in 2021. And I am absolutely thrilled that he will be back in 2022. It will take some time, but it will be exciting to have him back with us."

Despite Kenny Omega's last match seen in the AEW rings against "Hangman" Adam Page, the former champion was visibly limited by a neck injury, who had also blocked his shoulder, Omega nevertheless carried out his commitments, fighting as if nothing had happened, despite the fact that the athlete was certainly in great pain throughout the contest.

Many fans have speculated that Omega will now face a tough choice. Will he join the WWE, where he can join former stablemates AJ Styles, Adam Cole, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson as well as friend and Street Fighter rival Xavier Woods? Or will he choose to side with his "Elite" brethren and sign for All Elite Wrestling?