Why did Kyle O'Reilly choose AEW?

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Why did Kyle O'Reilly choose AEW?

AEW Superstar, Kyle O'Reilly, at The Sessions with Renee Paquette, talked about why he came to AEW in December 2021 after spending four years in WWE at NXT. First, Kyle O'Reilly talked about what he thought Triple H and NXT were now looking for, pointing out one detail.

On NXT, Kyle O'Reilly said: "When NXT got its contract to be broadcast on TV, Triple H compared NXT to the main roster and I was very happy with that. He said 'NXT was like the Broadway show. It was where the real artists came out.

Here they had numerous gifts, they could act, sing, dance, they could do everything at their best. There are no special effects for big-budget blockbusters that hide everything like RAW and Smackdown.' I thought it was an important analogy and it was really true."

Kyle O'Reilly chose AEW

On his goodbye to NXT, Kyle O'Reilly revealed that his deal with AEW came before Adam Cole's:" I got to AEW before Adam Cole. It was truly a blessing that I was given the opportunity to make this choice.

I could stay and I could go away. I'm sorry for all those people being released. It really is a horrible thing. I am grateful to be in a position where I could look at other horizons and opportunities out there. And luckily for me, AEW was the right place”.

On the AEW: “The AEW locker room is full of guys I grew up with in this business, with whom I've been friends for years. There were many of them at NXT too, but it seemed that every two weeks I looked around in the locker room and always saw him decimated.

I don't think it was a good environment at the time. If I had stayed in WWE, I would still have been in NXT. After almost five years I thought I would never go to the main roster”. On the fact that some people at NXT didn't like discipline: “I think people who really loved wrestling were really rare at NXT.

I think that could have been the main problem with the new NXT. There are a lot of people who get there who I don't think really love this business. I'm sure they will do well, they will be very successful and they will be big stars, earning a lot of money but it is difficult to do this in the long run without having a passion for what you do."