*Spoiler* Cody Rhodes has left AEW

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*Spoiler* Cody Rhodes has left AEW
*Spoiler* Cody Rhodes has left AEW

In the last few hours, a fairly strong rumor has started that Cody Rhodes' at loggerheads with AEW and this has led him to leave the company to return to WWE. We already reported in January that he had become a free agent, even though he continued to appear in Khan's company, precisely because his contract had expired, as reported by Fightful: "Cody Rhodes is a free agent, who works without a contract in AEW.

, Fightful Select has learned. He is the current AEW TNT Champion." And recently Dave Meltzer reported, "He hasn't signed with AEW yet, and originally when he didn't, it just seemed like one of those things, but now we're here - it's mid-February, the contract was at the end of December, or maybe January 1st." Then adding: "[...] in WWE they thought there was a good chance or a chance of any kind [of having him in the company ed].

It's definitely something that has been discussed."

Cody Rhodes' left AEW

Tony Khan officially announced that Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes are done with AEW. Andrew Zarian of Mat Men has stated that Cody is in talks with Vince McMahon's company.

Other reports have also suggested that Rhodes could be making his return to the company soon. "I can confirm that Cody's camp has been in contact with WWE officials," tweeted Zarian. In a statement posted on the official All Elite Wrestling account, Tony Khan wrote: “Cody and Brandi Rhodes were integral to the launch of All Elite Wrestling.

Cody's skill combined with his audacity and passion for our industry and his love of community outreach helped AEW fulfill our mission to give fans what they've long needed - something. new, innovative and long-lasting. Brandi helped shape the history of AEW, and I appreciate how much she fought for us both in the ring and out, competing in the women's division as we advanced our efforts for inclusion and civic causes, including great partnerships with Kulture.

City and the American Heart Association. I have immense respect and appreciation for Cody and Brandi, and I wish them both the best as they walk away from AEW. Thanks, Cody and Brandi! Tony Khan CEO, President, General Manager & Head of Creative, All Elite Wrestling." Fightful Select has reported that the company has made significant overtures to get the former WWE champion to make a huge return for this year's WrestleMania.

Austin has not wrestled in a match in 19 years and is one of the few superstars who has stuck to his retirement. Fightful has learned that WWE has made a significant overture towards one of the biggest draws in history "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for an in-ring return at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas, Texas.

Cody Rhodes Aew

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