Jake Roberts Speaks About Praying To The Devil

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Jake Roberts Speaks About Praying To The Devil

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts is a legendary professional wrestler and is known for being one of the greatest promo cutters in professional wrestling history. He recently spoke about praying to the devil to help him become a very successful pro wrestler.

Jake is currently working at All Elite Wrestling as a manager. He spoke about praying to the devil on DDP Snake Pit. He first spoke about his complicated relationship with his father.

Jake Roberts Reveals Why He Prayed to the Devil

“My father never was around me much,” Roberts said.

“You know, it wasn’t a good situation. Some bad things happened with his wife, (she) s*xually abused me so I didn’t live with him. I wasn’t around him much at all. My father never came to a ball game, never came to graduation, none of that stuff.

You know, I always wanted my father to love me. I mean, I dreamed every night of my father riding in to save me and be on a white steed, and come in and grab me and we ride off into the sunset. You know, ‘Shane, Shane, come back.’ Never happened.

The reason why Jake actually wanted to become a wrestler was to impress his father and do something which would help him get noticed by him. “I went to a wrestling match and I was drinking heavily because I was angry my father had not given me the words I wanted,” Jake Roberts recalled.

“‘I’m proud of you.’ That’s all I wanted. ‘I’m proud of you, son.’ You know? I want to be embraced, I want to be loved. And I went to the wrestling match and got drunk, and alcohol and youth and ignorance go hand-in-hand.

So I wound up challenging a wrestler because I thought if I got in the ring and beat up a wrestler, my dad would have to be proud of me. I was 18, man, I was ready to go. Alcohol makes you ready to go anyway. Thank God the guy knew who I was because he could’ve really hurt me.

Instead, he stretched me for about 10 minutes, made me piss myself, made me pass out, did all sorts of horrible things to me. And basically, I crawl back to the locker room, crying. And my father looked down at me and he said, ‘you’re gutless.

I’m ashamed of you and you’ll never amount to anything,’ and walked away. I remember that night still like yesterday. I went back to his house, lay in bed, and prayed to the devil because I didn’t think God should let anything happen like that.

And I prayed to the devil I’d do anything for him if he helped me get to the top and helped my father eat his words. And I told my father I was going to get into wrestling and he laughed at me. ‘Are you kidding me?’ He took me out to the backyard, gave me three chops. I still remember. Told me I don’t have the guts for it”.