Kenny Omega on Possibly Returning to AEW

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Kenny Omega on Possibly Returning to AEW
Kenny Omega on Possibly Returning to AEW (Provided by Wrestling World)

Kenny Omega is one of AEW’s top stars, and he spoke about possibly returning to AEW. Kenny Omega is currently not a full-time AEW wrestler as he had to take time out to recover from injuries that he picked up during his time in Japan.

Omega decided to take a break on in November 2021 after dropping his AEW World Title. On Wrestling Observer Radio, he stated that he will not be able to return anytime soon.

Kenny Omega States That He Won't be Returning Anytime Soon

“I was perhaps a little too optimistic.

I was hoping to be back by February, and it’s not looking that way anymore. And that’s not to say that there was a huge snag or that you know there’s something that is terribly wrong. It’s not that. It’s just when you’re trying to get appointments and things fixed, you have it in your brain that oh yeah, I can just call a number, and I’ll get in the next day.

“I’m still feeling a little bit better as time goes by and that’s without even having to do a lot of the major procedures that need to be done. That’s just myself working with trainers and doing the proper rehab,” Kenny Omega disclosed.

“I was leaning too heavily into my strengths as a performer and as an athlete. I guess over the years there were either just natural strengths that I had or things that I had overdeveloped and I was relying too much on those things.

Now that the knees are gone, the neck’s going, a lot of stuff was going on”. According to Kenny Omega, he can’t even walk properly as his body is in very bad shape. According to him, his situation was alarming and he had to take time off.

“My normal walk now is kind of like a zombie shuffle. As days go by, you don’t realize how your daily activities and your normal lifestyle changes unless you have someone actually point it out to you that really knows the human body and its mechanics.

I would work with a trainer and someone who's very studied in human anatomy and all that. It’s like you know, do this, flex this, flex only this, now flex this and this together. My body couldn’t make those connections anymore.

I was like wait a minute, what’s going on? My glute is completely dead. Why won’t my glute actually fire? Why can’t I on command activate my hamstring muscle? It’s things like that. It’s alarming at first”.

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