DDP Speaks About His Hall of Famer Induction

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DDP Speaks About His Hall of Famer Induction
DDP Speaks About His Hall of Famer Induction

Diamond Dallas Page isn’t the most well-known superstar in WWE, however, he is a WWE Hall of Famer and he recently spoke about his HOF induction. DDP is no longer an active wrestler, but WCW fans know about him pretty well.

He is also well known for giving some WCW superstars the best matches of their life. He was on the DDP Snake Pit podcast where he revealed he was suffering from anxiety before being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He managed to control himself and just focus on the moment.

DDP Talks About The People He Didn't Mention During HOF Induction

“My Hall of Fame speech, Eric Bishoff’s got a 10-12 minute speech up there. I got a 27-minute speech that I wrote. They tell me the day before, ‘you can’t have more than 15’.

So I rewrite it, and then that next day, they come in and say, ‘let’s hear the first one you have’. They said, ‘don’t go over 30,’ so now I’ve got myself in a spot. I’m the first one out of the gate.

I haven’t been out in front of 15-20,000 people speaking, a crowd like that, millions of people watching, for 15 years. “And at that point, you know, I could’ve been in my head. Like, ‘ah, I’m going up first, I’m gonna blow this.

What if my iPad’ — cause that’s where my notes are — ‘what if my iPad stops? What if it freezes? What if, you know, what if I get caught up and they’re not buying what I’m saying?’ No, I don’t want to even let those thoughts in my brain”.

He also spoke about the people that he didn’t mention during his HOF induction. He took this opportunity to mention those people. “There’s only one thing I’m thinking about it — this is going to be my greatest moment in professional wrestling.

I’m going to blow everyone away,” DDP said. “I’m gonna make them laugh. I’m gonna make them cry. I’m gonna inspire them. That’s the only voice in my brain, and when I went out there, it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

I got to thank all my brothers who help me along the way and paid tribute to them. The only person I forgot was Big Show, and Medusa, I was so pissed, and Tony Schiavone”.


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