Jeff Hardy amazes: "I'll go to AEW"

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Jeff Hardy amazes: "I'll go to AEW"

On December 9, 2021, we gave you the news of the WWE's dismissal of Jeff Hardy, which was published by Fightful reporter Sean Ross Sapp and then confirmed by the rest of the sources and by WWE. As you know of course for him there is a 90-day non-competition clause that is about to expire, so the Charismatic Enigma has announced that he and his brother Matt will be back on tour as Hardy Boyz starting March 12.

During an interview with Jared Myers backstage during one of his concerts, Jeff gave a bombshell that obviously made all the fans go crazy, especially those of All Elite Wrestling, the company where his brother works: “I'll go to AEW.

I am elated, until this morning I was not 100% sure. I'm really nervous and excited. " Although for now it is not yet known how Tony Khan's company can make it debut, it is certainly nice to see him again so happy and in another run maybe with his brother Matt like in the old days.

Matt Hardy talks about Jeff Hardy

In his last speech on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the older of the two WWE extreme brothers wanted to talk about the possibility of returning to feud with Jeff, even in the All Elite Wrestling rings: "The days in which Matt and Jeff Hardy went face to face, they are probably finished.

We are teammates, we are not opponents." Matt also gave some details earlier this month about his brother's refusal to join the WWE Hall of Fame this year: "Jeff asked, 'So you want to introduce me to the HOF?' And then he said, "Well, let me ask you, I know you talked to AEW.

Is this going to be with the Hardy Boyz? Is this me and my brother Matt?" And they're like, 'Ohh, no, no, no. We can't take Matt. He's under contract to AEW. You know, that'd be just you.' And Jeff said 'Well, that's an absolutely not.' He definitely defended the Hardy Boyz team."