Tony Khan Speaks About Keith Lee

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Tony Khan Speaks About Keith Lee

Tony Khan appeared as a guest on Sports Guys Talking Wrestling Podcast where he spoke about Keith Lee. Lee is a former WWE Superstar who was released, much to the surprise of many fans, as he was very popular. Lee is now a part of the AEW Family.

Tony stated he was quite eager to sign Lee after he was released from WWE. He stated that he helped the recent AEW show be #1 that night.

Tony Khan Talks About Keith Lee in the AEW and MJF's Future

“I am a huge fan of Keith’s work,” Khan stated.

“I am a huge Keith Lee fan and when Keith became available, I was stunned. But I was very eager to jump on it and sign Keith. So I was thrilled to have Keith debut on AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite this week and, you know, he was a big part.

“The anticipation of his arrival and the big free agent signing and Keith Lee in AEW was a big part of AEW being the number one show on all cable on Wednesday. AEW finished ahead of the NBA, ahead of everything, South Park, a great show that I love, and ahead of the Olympics on the USA”.

Tony then spoke about MJF, who recently cut one of the most real promos in professional wrestling history. MJF spoke about racism, bullying and why he joined pro-wrestling. He also mentioned that CM Punk was his favorite wrestler when he was growing up.

Tony Khan believes that MJF’s future in professional wrestling is bright as he is currently only 25 years old. “He’s a terrible person, but he’s a great wrestler. He’s had a great young career and he’s accomplished so much in his 20s and he’s still got a lot of years left in his 20s and a lot left to accomplish in the wrestling business because I believe he’s going to have a great career.

What a win over CM Punk, and I mean, that’s what sets AEW apart is, you get to see the great veterans and the best stars of today and it’s a great mix and you never know what’s going to happen. CM Punk’s comeback has been awesome.

It’s great to come back to Texas. I can’t wait to come in March to Texas and bring our shows to San Antonio and bring our show to Cedar Park in March, we’re going to have great shows”.