*Spoiler* Historic event for AEW

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*Spoiler* Historic event for AEW
*Spoiler* Historic event for AEW (Provided by Wrestling World)

On the night the president and owner of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Tony Khan, wanted to give the sensational speech that he promised would shake the world of pro-wrestling from its foundations and it did. Opening the latest episode of Dynamite aired this week and after taking the floor, Tony Khan confirmed that he had bought the Ring Of Honor, the important American wrestling company that had closed its doors only a few months ago, due to a profound crisis that with the covid had led to irreparable cracks within the coffers of the company.

As only the WWE had done in the past, in fact, with the acquisition of the WCW, now also the AEW can boast of having acquired a great rival company, with the Khans who have taken this opportunity immediately, to also get great wrestlers under who were under the contract of the federation of the Sinclair group such as Jay Lethal or Brody King to their fold.

AEW bought ROH

The historic announcement was then made, with Tony Khan having been working on the thing for several weeks already, with the now-bankrupt company receiving new lifeblood from the AEW coffers. Obviously, by acquiring ROH, AEW will also have the entire video library of ROH available, with all the matches of some of the greatest wrestlers currently circulating in the rings in the United States, such as Seth Rollins, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Samoa Joe, which will then be available again thanks to the AEW.

Many of these previously mentioned wrestlers have in fact taken their first important steps in the world of pro-wrestling thanks to the Ring of Honor. It will now be seen if Tony Khan will eliminate the ROH brand, in the sense that he will incorporate under that of the AEW everything he has purchased, including some contracts of the athletes who were still in some way part of the federation and therefore the ROH will disappear completely from circulation as a fact.

with WCW or whether Tony Khan will continue to fund ROH to move forward under his own brand, but under new directions and perhaps with a dedicated show. At the moment it is still early to tell, but history has been made nonetheless.

After two years of starting with a bang with AEW, America's second-largest company is now becoming more and more important globally, so much so that it can truly challenge Vince McMahon and his WWE on an international scale.

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