Wardlow reveals his great ambitions

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Wardlow reveals his great ambitions

AEW Superstar Wardlow was a guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily to speak with editor-in-chief Nick Hausman of Ring Of Honor, which has been passed on to Tony Khan, former president of All Elite Wrestling. While speaking on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet's podcast, Wardlow revealed that he 'aced' the WWE tryout, but higher-ups didn't want to recruit him.

The 34-year-old added that the rejection almost made him think about quitting.

Wardlow has great ambitions

He said that he luckily stayed laser-focused and felt grateful after the emergence of All Elite Wrestling: "I aced that tryout [WWE].

I mean, with flying colors, and they didn't want me. So for the first time in my life, I went, Oh, well, maybe this isn't gonna happen," Wardlow said... "You know, fortunately, I stuck with it, and I was determined to make it happen one way or another, and I thank god every day that AEW came about."

On Tony Khan, the new owner of Ring Of Honor: "I think it's a great thing, even for the wrestling world in general. Obviously, we've seen what Tony can do with such a product. So, I think Ring Of Honor is to aim for great things like never before."

At the moment, it is unclear what Tony Khan's plans are for the federation. However, Wardlow would like to see another type of wrestling product in ROH. In fact, he feels that there are many great wrestlers available who deserve a better chance to shine: "I would like to see another kind of product with good quality wrestling.

Good fun and enjoyable option to the ones that already exist. An alternative to classic wrestling. Just something a little different, nothing more. There is so much talent in the current wrestling business and there are so many free agents that I feel Ring Of Honor is going to be a great place for all of those people.

They can finally get started. to shine as they deserve." Over the past few months, Wardlow has had the opportunity to challenge a future Ring Of Honor Hall Of Famer, as CM Punk. About him, he revealed: "Working with CM Punk was really amazing.

I already said that in the blog but you come into this business with a list of people you'd like to work with. CM Punk just wasn't on that list because it was never a real option before. All of that happened. I never thought I'd fight him. It was surreal. I didn't think I could do it but it was very nice."