*Spoiler* Keith Lee defeated JD Drake

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*Spoiler* Keith Lee defeated JD Drake
*Spoiler* Keith Lee defeated JD Drake

CM Punk steps into the ring and starts talking about the very touching and personal speech given by MJF last week at Dynamite. She remembers taking a picture with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as a young man and how she idolized him, as MJF did with him.

An 11-year-old boy who meets his favorite wrestler and tries to be inspired by him. Punk is convinced that MJF had a lot of courage to expose himself to the public in such a personal way and claims that many times he got up in the morning wondering if he had it all wrong and if he was really the villain in this situation.

He then invites Maxwell to step into the ring and settle the matter once and for all. MJF joins him and Punk begins to tell him all the horrible things he's done in his career: mocking a wrestler for his drinking problems, covering a legendary wrestler with his manager's ashes and much more.

Situations that he is not proud of but that have served him in his career to emerge, as done by MJF who insulted the great Brian Pillman in his hometown. This time, however, the matter is just the two of them. Punk holds out his hand in truce and MJF, after initially hesitating, hugs him in the center of the ring and whispers a thank you in his ear.

JD Drake started things by landing many chops on Keith Lee. However, Keith Lee quickly fired back by taking his opponent down. The action spilled to the ringside, where The Limitless One continued to dominate Drake.

Keith Lee def.

JD Drake

Back from the break, JD Drake and Keith Lee exchanged some brutal strikes. JD Drake executed a Moonsault, but Lee shockingly kicked out at just one. Obviously, the staging lasts very little because MJF hits Punk in the lower parts and starts attacking him until he becomes a mask of blood, aided by Shawn Spears and Wardlow.

MJF uses the collar to hang it from the ropes and claims to have made fun of the sheep audience and to be the devil himself (a clear reference to the historic Punk promo in Ring of Honor). Darby Allin, Sting and Sammy Guevara arrive trying to save Punk, putting MJF and his henchmen to flight, but Punk is now reduced to a sorry state.

Tag Team Match: Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter vs Thunder Rosa & Mercedes Martinez Couple match that is won by Thunder Rosa thanks to a Tiger Driver '98 against Britt Baker. The two will face off on Sunday at Revolution for the AEW Women's Championship. Post-match, The Wingmen, interfered, but Keith Lee took them down with ease.

Keith Lee

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