Chavo Guerrero admits he is furious

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Chavo Guerrero admits he is furious
Chavo Guerrero admits he is furious

Chavo Guerrero was recently banned from the All Elite Wrestling roster, with the wrestler/manager stunned, not expecting it and commenting on Twitter like this: “It's new to me! I think the fact that Tony Khan told me to go and shoot Young Rock 2 with my work that would be waiting for me as soon as I finished, it meant nothing,” although he then deleted it pretty quickly.

In a recent interview with The Wrestling Inc. Daily, however, the luchador returned to the subject: "100% new to me, friend. Originally when I started in AEW, talking to Tony Khan, things were going well. I started working for like two months, then I had the opportunity to go back to work at Young Rock.

I just didn't know when it would happen. So when I talked to Tony about this thing, I said, 'hey, they just called me, I'm going back to Young Rock, what are your thoughts on this?' He said, 'oh, I think this is a great opportunity.

, friend. I mean, we're on the right track with you and Andrade, but it's a great opportunity, I think you should go and do it. You will always have a job when you return."

Chavo Guerrero is furious

Chavo Guerrero later revealed that he had written and called Tony Khan since returning to America after the show ended filming.

However, the CEO of AEW ignored him, which Chavo doesn't appreciate: "Back in early February, I started texting Tony, no reply. I called him, I left him a message on his answering machine, no response whatsoever. Then all of a sudden I see that I am no longer on the AEW roster page.

So, it pisses me off, to be honest. Hey, I'm a grown man, if there are no plans for me, it's alright, I understand. But answer the phone. I'm always dealing with billionaires, he's not the first, so he pisses me off a little. After working with Vince McMahon, you can deal with anyone." Chavo Guerrero also added that he is currently not under contract with the Jacksonville company because he had signed an agreement of only three months at his time.

Following fan backlash, Guerrero has now posted a follow-up tweet, apologizing for his insulting statement. Here's what he had to say: "That got out of hand quickly. Instead of deleting, I will own it & say no disrespect to @WWERollins I have had many agree & many disagree.

Only comes from love of this Biz that has fed my fam for 85 yrs. The fact is, Seth should have never been put in that position in the first place," wrote Chavo.

Chavo Guerrero Aew

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