*Spoiler* Huge surprise during AEW Revolution

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*Spoiler* Huge surprise during AEW Revolution
*Spoiler* Huge surprise during AEW Revolution (Provided by Wrestling World)

It had been weeks now that the rumor had been circulating on the most important websites of the wrestling sector of the various American and non-American newspapers, with one of the most important names that had been released a few months ago by the WWE that seemed to be very close to signing with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), as has already happened with several colleagues who have been released in this terrible three years for layoffs from the WWE.

In one of the latest waves of layoffs, WWE took out the entire Hit Row, a stable made up of four athletes, including former North American NXT champion, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, who was already known in the independent circuit for having taken part in the first editions of Lucha Underground, with the name and mask of Killshot.

Apparently, the AEW had been planning to put the athlete under contract for some time but waited until the last second to formalize the thing, with such a signature that came only recently at the AEW Revolution. AEW Revolution is the first pay-per-view of the year for All Elite Wrestling.

From top-to-bottom, this is one of the better lineups that the company has put forward in the past year.

AEW Revolution is the first pay-per-view of the year

AEW Revolution was to feature a rematch of one of the more memorable women's bouts of 2021.

That one was expected to go either way, but fans were likely to see Baker retain the title and avenge her previous loss. This was a better scenario as there was really no one on the heel side to challenge Rosa just yet. For Baker, AEW seems to be telling the story of the fricition between her, Rebel and Jamie Hayter, so that is likely where they will go next.

Fans may also get a match or two between Baker and Mercedes Martinez in the short term. During the live broadcast of the PPV, the AEW management wanted to stage the former North-American Champion of the WWE, aka Scott, inserting him in a segment with Tony Schiavone, with the reporter of the company who introducing the athlete, who now calls himself Shane Strickland, not being able to use the WWE ring-name, also made him sign the contract that will bind him for the next months and probably even years with the Jacksonville company.

Shane Strickland thus joins the myriad of athletes signed by All Elite Wrestling after receiving the terrible news of the dismissal from the WWE, with the owner of the AEW Tony Khan, who however wanted to clarify in one of his latest interviews, how he will be forced to make a skimming towards the end of the year, because he will not be able to keep all these athletes under contract, paying their salaries forever, so soon releases are also expected from the AEW as well.