Bryan Danielson doesn't want to quit anytime soon

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Bryan Danielson doesn't want to quit anytime soon

On "Wrestling Observer Radio", Bryan Danielson talked about his future in the world of wrestling and his training with Jade Cargill. On the experience in the wrestling rings of Japan, Bryan Danielson said: "I would like to go to New Japan, but I wouldn't want to do it until the fans can cheer with me because that's what I want from wrestling.

Just with applause, I mean, I'd still have fun. I think. to be one of the few people who has enjoyed fighting in the Performance Center without anyone. As well as in the Thunderdome but that's not enough for me."

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On how much Danielson still wants to fight: "Well, I still want to do it, but I don't want to lose my son's life.

One of the things I think about is that I'm changing my style of wrestling a bit. I think with a style. like the one where you get the most bump, you are less likely to have a long career, as opposed to a harder style of wrestling”.

On the reason for leaving WWE: “I could have spent more time at home with my family and I would have been able to bleed, unlike WWE. When I finally made the decision to leave Vince's federation for AEW, he asked me why and I replied that there was a part of me that still wanted to bleed from playing tough matches.

He told me that he was sorry but that he would not give me permission to do so ”. On training with Jade Cargill: “She's a hard worker and she's really smart. You are a person willing to go to work. I don't want to talk too much about her because I don't want to put more pressure on her than she already has.

She has just celebrated her first anniversary since her first match and now she is in her first pay per view match on one of the best cards of all time. I don't want to put any pressure on her but I think she's great.

I have a sincere sympathy not only for Jade but for most of this generation of young fighters who are trying to get noticed with this discipline right now." Speaking on the Sportskeeda Wrestling Awards panel, former WWE personality Renee Paquette made her pick for Male Wrestler of The Year.

Paquette said it came down to a pick between Roman Reigns and Bryan Danielson, with both men having a fantastic 2021, but ended up going with Danielson as her pick: "I'm torn between Roman Reigns and Bryan Danielson.

I think what Roman has been able to do in terms of interest and that big blockbuster name, you wanna see what he's going to do and as for character growth and development, I think Roman Reigns has been incredible to watch.

Whoever he happens to be in a storyline with, I think he's so cool to watch and you can really feel him as the standard-bearer, the pillar of WWE, he is that guy. He's been told that he's that guy for a long time but he is that guy right now."