AEW: Darby Allin continues to amaze everyone

AEW has steadily built up an incredible roster of wrestling talent

by Simone Brugnoli
AEW: Darby Allin continues to amaze everyone

After an extraordinary Revolution that was delivered to the wrestling world's archives, the subplots at AEW continue with another episode of Dynamite. The show was opened by Eddie Kingston, back from a great victory by submission against Chris Jericho.

Eddie admits he was very hesitant before the match and doesn't know if he might be able to show up at the PPV. He decides to summon the Canadian to ask him why he hadn't agreed to shake his hand. Jericho does not wait and, after a few minutes of hesitation, decides to shake his hand, but is interrupted by the attack of 2Point0 and Daniel Garcia.

Santana and Ortiz come to his aid but are blatantly attacked by Jericho with a baseball bat. Jake Hager also intervenes who first asks for explanations, then joins the assault by making the audience understand how it was something already orchestrated at the table.

Jericho takes the microphone and announces the definitive split of the Inner Circle and the birth of his new team: Jericho Appreciation Society! AEW World Championship: Adam Page vs Dante Martin Stellar opener with a great Dante Martin that proves to be one of the best prospects in the AEW house.

But the winner is Adam Page with the licensed Buckshot Lariat. At the end of the match, Page shakes his opponent's hand, praising him for what he has just done. But Adam Cole's music resounds to interrupt everything, still stunned by the defeat at the PPV.

Both performers were already in the ring when the show began. Darby Allin took control of the match early on after applying a side headlock. Quen countered it by applying a hammerlock. The action soon spilled to the outside, where Quen pushed Allin into the steel steps to gain an advantage.

Darby Allin defeated Marq Quen

Back in the ring, the Private Party member was firmly in control of the bout. Marq Quen consistently targeted Darby Allin's mid-section, leaving the former TNT Champion in incredible pain. Despite attempts to find his way back into the match, Allin struggled to get the better of his opponent.

He promises not to give him respite until he becomes the new champion and challenges him to a Six-Man Tag Team Match next week, announcing that he will have alongside him companions that Adam Cole knows very well. Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson vs JD Drake & Anthony Henry After a battle to the death in Revolution, Mox and Danielson decided to team up under the careful guidance of William Regal, the shock debut took place right at the PPV.

The two win by submission thanks to Danielson's LeBell Lock. At the end of the meeting, William Regal is interviewed by Tony Schiavone, who thanked him publicly for having helped him in his WCW days and beyond and issued a warning to the AEW backstage: all those who put themselves in the path of his assistants will have to step aside. or they will be trampled on.

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