Matt Jackson harshly criticizes wrestling fans

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Matt Jackson harshly criticizes wrestling fans
Matt Jackson harshly criticizes wrestling fans

In the world of wrestling many of the battles start from the fans, more than from the companies or from the wrestlers themselves and unfortunately sometimes it also happens that the fans exaggerate even in person, not realizing that they cannot go beyond the limits.

In a new interview with What Women Binge's Mellisa Joan Hart, former AEW Tag Team Champion Matt Jackson and his wife Dana discussed professional wrestling fans. While their experiences have been mostly positive, Matt also wanted to talk about the negative and toxic side of the wrestling fanbase.

Specifically, he told about something that recently happened to Nick: “Last week, my brother's bag disappeared.

The whole bag, gone. It is still lost and will never get it back, like the whole bag has disappeared with the number being canceled, so we think someone is on us now at the airport. I think we bragged a little too much on the Internet: 'Look, we have all these very expensive shoes.'

I think they found us."

Matt Jackson against everyone

Matt Jackson went on to explain that fans sometimes know how to truly be the worst of the worst: "Wrestling has the most toxic fanbase in the world. They're the worst.

Honestly, there are a lot of good fans. The ones who love you, you. they love. But those who hate you, hate you." Unfortunately we have often seen some fans exaggerate, like those who took Rhea Ripley's lost suitcase and put her belt up for sale on Facebook, or like that madman who attacked Bret Hart during the Hall of Fame, or those fans who often manage to outrun even bodyguards and attack wrestlers on stage or in the ring during shows.

Unfortunately, education is sometimes lacking, but luckily there are also very respectful fans. Let's just hope that sooner or later everyone understands that respect comes first because wrestlers are human beings too.


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