Serious injury for Leyla Hirsch

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Serious injury for Leyla Hirsch

Russian-born wrestler Leyla Hirsch was injured while recording Aew Dark Elevation at Boston's Agganis Arena. Wrestling Inc. reported the news: “Hirsch was wrestling Christina Marie when her knee gave out as she landed with a back-flip or Moonsault off the corner, off the second rope.

She immediately got out clutching her knee. Hirsch was briefly checked by the referee, who then made the dreaded "X" symbol for help. The ringside doctor entered the ring to deal with Hirsch and the match was canceled. Another correspondent present noted that it appeared that Hirsch had broken her knee during the landing.

The injury occurred during Elevation's first pre-Dynamite taping match and about 1 minute into the match. Both correspondents commented that it appeared to be a bad injury, but the severity was not confirmed at the time of writing.

Hirsch was helped by the referee and the doctor in the ring, and is currently being evaluated backstage."

Leyla Hirsch will be out for some time

AEW star Leyla Hirsch shared her hilarious reaction over Stone Cold Steve Austin's segment at WrestleMania 38 Night 2 in Dallas, Texas.

Shenanigans started when Pat McAfee defeated Austin Theory via roll-up after the latter failed to hit The ATL. After the bout, Pat invited WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to the ring, and the latter obliged by revealing his wrestling gear.

McMahon won the bout with Theory's distractions. After criticism during her participation in AEW Revolution 2022 for wearing gear with the Russian flag, given the situation of the war we are experiencing, Leyla tweeted to clarify her position.

These are her words: "I want to clarify one thing. I am with Ukraine one hundred percent and my heart breaks for its citizens who suffer at the hands of Vladimir Putin. I was born in Russia. I came to the United States at eight years and I became an American citizen.

I cannot change my origins more than any other citizen who can change hers. Just being born in Russia does not mean that I support this brutal dictator. Anyone who would suggest such a thing has simply wrong, plain and simple." After losing the AEW Women's World Title Eliminator against Thunder Rosa on March 9 Dynamite, Hirsch embarked on a mini rivalry with Red Velvet.

Leyla punished Red Velvet by executing the cross-arm breaker. Statlander ran to the ring to stop the former by tossing her out.