Rey Fenix will be back in the ring very soon

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Rey Fenix will be back in the ring very soon

In recent weeks one of the great protagonists of the All Elite Wrestling rings who has unfortunately been away from the scene due to injury, is Rey Fenix, tag team partner of Penta Oscuro (or Pentagon Dark - Pentagon Junior), who after suffering a bad blow to one arm had to be absent to fix this fairly serious injury.

The last circumstance in which we saw the former AEW tag team champion, was in fact in the contest valid for the AEW World Tag Team Titles at Dynamite, in the match against Jurassic Express, where the Mexican team lost its titles.

Since then Penta has continued its single schedule, also going to battle with important names such as CM Punk on the All Elite TV screens. Apparently, however, Rey Fenix's return would be much closer than it seems, with the athlete who should have fully recovered from the arm problem that kept him relegated at home, without being able to fight in the rings of any federation.

Backstage news on Rey Fenix

Apparently, Rey Fenix appears to be billed as a tag team partner to AAA Mega Champion Hijo of Vikingo, against the Young Bucks in Triplemania XXX, an event that will be staged on April 30th. In the latest update reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, moreover, the well-known journalist confirmed that in his last interview yesterday, the wrestler has formalized his return, saying that he will be in the ring at the Mexican federation event, at the end of the month.

Regarding this, Meltzer said: "They have an agreement with the AAA regarding the belts. The belts will return to Triple A. This, however, is related to the fact that Fenix did an interview recently where he said he will be ready to return to Triplemania which is April 30th.

It will therefore take us a couple of weeks to see Pentagon and Fenix reform their couple also in the AEW rings of the Khan family." The match, however, continued with Jungle Boy pinning Penta El Zero Meido, resulting in Jurassic Express becoming the new AEW Tag Team Champions.

A few moments after the show, Disco Inferno took to Twitter to take a shot at AEW, though he didn't directly name-drop the company or Rey Fenix. Inferno tweeted that the injuries couldn't be mere accidents. He added that they are "inevitable" considering the risk factor, further implying that the in-ring work in AEW could get a little too risky and reckless.