Eric Bischoff on AEW’s current profits

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Eric Bischoff on AEW’s current profits
Eric Bischoff on AEW’s current profits

Eric Bischoff was a guest of Strictly Business, and of course there were many interesting topics to talk about, but right at the start, he was asked how profitable AEW is. “No way of knowing,” Bischoff sad about AEW profitability..

“And again, I hear so much, I read so much from dirt sheet writers and people. There’s no way of knowing, and here’s why I say that: you can’t just look at the average million viewers that AEW does give or take.

They’re steady, holding a course at about a million viewers a week, that’s pretty cool and usually ends up in the top five on Wednesdays. Yay team, hey, we are doing great on Wednesday night prime time on cable television, but what does it really mean in terms of dollars? That depends on who’s advertising on the show.

AEW earnings

It seems unknown how much AEW earns, but it is certainly a big number, given that they are currently very popular. However, Bischoff has denied knowing such things and makes a number of factors play a role in overall profits.

One thing is for sure: Their earnings will only grow with the years to come. “Are those premium dollars? Are those high CPM costs per thousand dollars from advertisers that are looking specifically at the demographic and the social-economic demographic of the people that are watching that show? Right now, if I’m Tony, I’m taking some comfort in knowing that they’re cutting costs, they want to save money, and historically, Discovery and Zaslav have focused on non-scripted programming.

“That’s good news, but going back to AEW as well as WWE because the same is true for both companies. Their value is directly related to the revenue they’re generating. We don’t know how much money AEW is generating. That’s a secret. We don’t know, nobody reports on it, nobody speculates on it”.

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