Toni Storm Speaks About WWE Star She Wants in AEW

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Toni Storm Speaks About WWE Star She Wants in AEW

Toni Storm recently spoke about the former WWE star that she wants in AEW. Toni was a very popular star in the WWE. She started her career at NXT UK. She quickly became extremely popular after she won the NXT UK Women’s Title.

Toni recently joined All Elite Wrestling after she left the WWE. She is another big WWE star that left the WWE for AEW. On the Busted Open Radio, Toni stated that she would like to have Tegan Nox in AEW.

Toni Storm Talks About Leaving the WWE and Joining AEW

“Tegan Nox I would have to say is high up on that list,” Storm told Busted Open Radio.

“I think that would be someone who would really deserve an awesome spot like that. And I know she loves this business as much as I do. So that would be cool to see that one day in the future. Who knows? Anything can happen.

It’s pro wrestling”. Tegan Nox was released alongside seven other wrestlers. However, she hasn’t wrestled since she was released by the company. Toni left the company last year after she was added to the Smackdown roster.

“It wasn’t the place for me,” Storm explained. “And just – it just wasn’t. I really thought it was and I guess I romanticized it so much in my head. I thought this is where I’ve got to be.

And I got there and it wasn’t the same thing that I wanted”. Toni was actually in a feud with Charlotte Flair, who was at the time the WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion. She lost the match that took place on the Christmas Eve episode and failed to capture the title.

After that, she worked a few house shows with Flair before she left WWE. “There was really no point in going any further,” Storm said. “And I didn’t leave on bad terms or anything like that, but it became abundantly clear that it wasn’t the place for me at all.

And I love and respect all the women there. I think they’re amazing, they’re so hard-working, they inspire me, but that wasn’t my place. I don’t really know how else to put it”. Toni made her debut on the 30th of March at Dynamite.

She now wishes to put her time in the WWE behind her. “There was just a moment where I realized it wasn’t for me,” Toni Storm recalled. “And as much as I might have romanticized it as a child, and felt that this was my dream and this is what I have to accomplish, I just realized maybe it’s not.

And maybe this isn’t the place for me. And who am I to take someone else’s spot that actually really wants to be here? That’s not fair. And I just – I just thought, you know, I’m still gonna be a wrestler.

I’m still gonna be a wrestler. I spent years wrestling before WWE. I mean, I loved it. So, I was like, really all there is to go back to is, like, doing something that I love. So, how bad can it be, really?”