Matt Hardy Speaks About Discovery and WarnerMedia Merger

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Matt Hardy Speaks About Discovery and WarnerMedia Merger

Matt Hardy recently spoke about Discovery and WarnerMedia Merger on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy. Many people are concerned about AEW’s future as a merger with discovery could have an Impact on AEW. According to Eric Bischoff, former WCW President, the merger could have an impact on AEW.

According to Matt, nobody in AEW is worried at the moment. In fact, he went on to state that nobody had a reaction to it at all. Everybody seems to take it as business as usual.

Matt Hardy Talks About AEW Stars Not Being Worried at All About the Merger

“There’s zero, I don’t know of anyone that has been concerned about it,” Hardy said.

“I haven’t seen any kind of worry or concern. It’s just business as usual and for the foreseeable future, I continue to see it as business as usual. Especially because the Dynamite show is doing great, it’s in the top five every single week, it’s a live program which people love and are really behind.

You have to remember it’s only three years old, which is quite a statement that it’s in the top three to top five every week”. Dynamite actually drew its lowest numbers on Wednesday. They drew 977,000 fans on TBS.

They still managed to be on the top 3 on Cable Top 150 this week though. Matt Hardy then stated that Tony Khan will get AEW a new TV deal when their current television contact expires. He is pretty confident Tony will get them a new TV deal without a problem.

“I also think Papa [Tony] Khan is going to have another big TV deal whenever this runs out as well,” Hardy said. “Because the product has just been delivering so damn well. Pro wrestling has proven, especially over the last few years, that it is truly something that people will search out and they will find it and they will watch it.

They will also stick through the commercials majority of the time too. It’s crazy, they’re really loyal, pro wrestling fans are very, very loyal and it’s a great place for advertisers to go for the product”.

Matt Hardy is one of AEW’s biggest stars right now along with his brother Jeff Hardy. Ever since Jeff made his debut in AEW, Jeff and Matt formed the Hardyz and they are united once more as a tag team. Since then, they have wrestled several matches together and have actually had plenty of noteworthy spots during their matches.