AEW videogame will be out soon

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AEW videogame will be out soon

During one of the episodes of Being the Elite, a popular YouTube series starring the Young Bucks, back in 2019, Nick Jackson responded with a resounding "yes" to a fan who asked him if we would ever be able to see an AEW game in the future.

Obviously, with the passage of time, we have learned that this game is in the works and according to what is reported by the well-known site Fightful, the video game is arriving much sooner than we expected. It seems that a date is ready for September, so very close, even if there is still a lot of work to be done, but the game will not be waiting for much longer.

These are the words of the site: "There was a provisional internal release date for the end of September for the next console video game from AEW. We were told there was a lot of work to be done back then, but that the plan has long been to release the game this year, and that September is widely regarded as the target so far."

AEW has big goals

The AEW had announced a partnership with Yuke's in 2021 to develop a new video game. The two sides, as also reported above, are still working on different aspects of the wrestling game, but the hype is high.

Also, Fightful recently reported that some fighters are contributing to the story mode of the game. It was added that Yuke's team, which was involved in the creation of the legendary SmackDown vs. Raw, is working on this story mode.

"There is a story mode, and we're told it's in the works as we include some tips from first-person fighters. Plus, we've heard that many of the Yuke's team, who helped create the fondly remembered SmackDown game.

vs Raw, they are a part of this process along with wrestlers. There are several wrestlers we have heard who have had nothing to do with the video game so far and are unsure if they will be included or involved. Others took reference photos, but didn't voice-over."

Known to have an eye for talent, WWE's Chief Operating Officer Triple H wanted to sign several AEW stars. He has signed and re-signed many superstars to WWE in the past few years, including Samoa Joe, who was released and re-signed in a few days.

As his NJPW contract approached its expiry date, Omega received several offers from different promotions, including WWE and AEW. Despite the positive negotiations between Omega and Triple H, the former turned down his offer.